The Doors of Perception

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"In June 1969, we presented the Doors in Mexico. And they did it with mixed feelings. Well were to come later this month at the Monumental Plaza Mexico, the largest bullring in the city, and that meant playing outdoor free to 48,000 people. however, thought that the prestige of The Doors presentation was more important than the aesthetic reward as tickets were sold at prices between 40 cents and a dollar, considered to have poor public the opportunity of they can see the gig, plus the project was that the band will perform in a benefit performance of the Red Cross or the United Nations at the Hotel Camino Real, as well as an exclusive club.

However, Javier Olmos, the young Mexican promoter was unable to obtain the necessary permits, so went to Javier Castro, singer of 26 years and owner of the Forum, a nightclub than a thousand seats, clientele and decor equivalent to Copacabana New York.

Thousands of fans of the Doors were in the airport in Mexico City to welcome the band. The Doors finished their errands in the office and walked through the halls of the airport. Jim was unrecognizable with the huge beard that covered his face, not the Jim Morrison whose picture was on the front of the Forum, so there was some discontent among members of the group. Bill Siddons asked to talk to Jim about it, but he kept his beard.

The performances in Mexico were the best of The Doors achieved in its history. They were much more popular in Mexico than they imagined, and the enthusiasm of the young sons of millionaires who crowded the club night after night allowed soar to new heights in the execution of their music.

The Doors were treated like royals. Within a week came to appreciate the amenities that accompany a lengthy contract. They had enough time to walk around the city, and to this end Cadillacs were available to blacks and whites, drivers and a woman named Malu, usually served as publisher of the Forum, but now acted as interpreter. The Doors were presented to the son of the president of Mexico, wearing the latest fashions of Carnaby Street and was accompanied by a flock of American girls (which accompanied Jim on his visit to the Museum of Anthropology was much like Pamela). On occasions appeared backstage in an individual wearing a plastic bag something like half a kilo of cocaine, which he offered to the boys. “

No one here gets out alive-J. D. Hopkins and Sugerman

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